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  • Somatic coaching

  • Reiki

  • Energy cleansing

  • Sound healing

  • Guided meditation

  • Sound healing

  • Chakra balancing

  • Divination

  • Life coaching

  • Journaling/Creative writing

  • Self-care practices


Crystal healing has been used by our ancestors for centuries and it is still going strong today. Crystals conduct, transmit, dispel and enhance various energies in our body to help provide healing and remove any dis-ease. Much of what ails us comes from stress and stress is nothing more than energy that is infecting our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Crystals, when placed either on our chakras or around our bodies, can help to remove a great deal of stress and bring us back into ailgnment.

Sound healing is a form of healing that uses various musical instruments, as well as our voices, to cleanse our energy fields. Sound has wonderful healing properties and can often send an individual into trance, giving people the ability to access other worlds and dimensions. Through sound we are able to "get out of our heads" and allow our higher consciousness to help elevate ourselves and heal.

Reiki is an ancient healing art that reduces stress and anxiety through the flow of energy. Life force, known as chi, flows through our physical body and energy body (also called our aura) through channels like chakras and meridians. Disruptions in our life force can lead to blockages which can cause physical, emotional and spiritual breakdowns. Reiki practitioners channel energy through their hands to help restore balance and harmony in both the physical and energy bodies of a client.

Self-care is essential in our everday lives. In order for each of us to be fully functioning and whole individuals we need to take care of ourselves first and foremost. When we negelct ourselves we are neglecting the Source/God/Universe energy that is within us. Self-care is more than taking baths though, it invlovles deep introspection, rewiring the toxic patterns that have not served us and creating new, healthy patterns that enable us to grow. Whether our practices are journaling or meditating we need to have something in our lives that always keeps us on track and reminds us of our divinity.

Healing can come in many different forms depening on what is needed in the moment. There is no set protocol and all sessions are spiritually designed to meet the needs of the individual(s). Today you may want your chakras to be balanced and tomorrow you may be guided to a sound healing session. Great care is taken to make sure that each session, whether private or group, is a sapce that is sacred and protected.

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